The Mercedes-Benz GLS: The S-Class of SUVs

August 25th, 2017 by

 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS550

One three-row family vehicle – the GLS-Class – is widely considered to be the “S-Class of SUVs”.


How so? First, let’s break down what GLS means. The G stands for Gelandewagen or “cross-country vehicle.” Every SUV has that letter as a way to pay homage to the original G-Class – the ground-breaking Mercedes-Benz capable of going anywhere in any condition. The L stands for Leicht, or “lightweight.” For what the GLS does, it is for light-duty family transportation, even though it has high capabilities of its own.


Finally, there is the letter S.  For this vehicle, the S stands for Sonderklasse or “special class.” This is befitting of the GLS-Class’ personality. It offers the best accommodations and performance for up to seven very special people. It is currently the only fully fledged seven-seat premium luxury SUV from a European nameplate.


For some of its owners, the standard fare available in the GLS 450 and GLS 550 represents the best Mercedes-Benz offers to its owners. However, many opt for more luxury, technology, and safety in their GLS-Class SUV. The wide array of personalization options – including 11 exterior colors, 14 interior upholsteries, and seven trim choices – help to make the GLS-Class desirable for the most discriminating family. For a complete luxury package, there are two designo® interior options slathered with exclusive Nappa leather in unique color and trim schemes.


The GLS also has a dark side. The Sport package in the GLS 550 offers a muscular look with distinctive bumpers, trim, running boards, and AMG® 21-inch light alloy wheels. The Night package adds a darker aura on the GLS, with black-accented chrome trim.


The ultimate in the line is the AMG® GLS 63. No other vehicle of its kind can do what this SUV can do – go fast for the enjoyment of everyone on board. It is because there are 577 horses running through the handbuilt twin-turbocharged V8 up front. How fast, you ask? About 4.5 seconds going 0-60 MPH.


To be a Mercedes-Benz, you must exhibit “the best of nothing” when it comes to keeping every safe and the vehicle stable. The Dynamic Select Controller allows the driver to choose the right setting to match the terrain or condition the GLS will encounter. Available is an additional Off-Road+ mode, where lower gearing is sent through the center differential for better traction management in tougher terrain (available on all GLS models except for the AMG® GLS 63).


Once the Airmatic suspension switch is enabled, the ride height can be adjusted to enable the GLS to clear obstacles that otherwise hinder the progress mere SUVs of its kind. In all, the Airmatic suspension can raise the GLS up to 12.5 inches above the ground.


SUVs can also be prone to roll on turns. Mercedes-Benz created a solution for the GLS called the Active Curve System, which uses the anti-roll bars in the front and rear axles to help flatten out through the corners and turns. With better cornering comes better comfort, which is a must when you have seven people on board.


All of these great innovations and superb luxury and performance options all lead to one thing: The GLS-Class is indeed the S-Class of SUVs. It is true to being the epitome of “the best or nothing”. Drive one at Mercedes-Benz of Eugene today!

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