Sustainability Initiatives from Mercedes-Benz

April 12th, 2021 by


Driving an emission-free electric vehicle is one thing – but what about the factories where the vehicles are actually produced? 


Mercedes-Benz has always stood for technical innovation, performance, & safety. Now, another integral component of their brand philosophy is sustainability. In March 2021, Mercedes-Benz announced its factories worldwide would eventually obtain electricity purely from renewable sources. 

Commitment to Sustainable Production 

The plan to create a carbon-zero future has been in action for quite some time, and Mercedes-Benz has undoubtedly taken significant steps to fulfill its promise to help create a more sustainable future. Now, to stay true to the overall concept of sustainability and demonstrate their commitment to minimize their carbon footprint, Mercedes-Benz will be switching to CO2-neutral plants in Europe from 2022 onwards.

Mobility without Emissions – Fully-Electric EQ line up

Establishing carbon-neutral car production sites is just one of the components of their multi-dimensioned sustainable business strategy. As we know, Mercedes-Benz is shaping the future of mobility yet again with their all-electric EQ Lineup. If you’re asking yourself, “Should I buy an electric car?” consider these benefits of Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles: 

  • They are low maintenance cars
  • Use 100% green energy charging (charging stations)
  • Great for long-distance travel 
  • Comfortable, convenient & quiet 
  • Fun to drive!

EQC mercedes-Benz

Select Mercedes-EQ models will be available for purchase this year, followed by additional models.

Mercedes-Benz isn’t just shaping the future of driving; they are shaping the future, period. For more information about Mercedes-Benz sustainability initiatives or the new all-electric Mercedes-EQ lineup, contact us today!