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2021 Incoming Sprinters Timeframe

Like many of our clients, you’re probably are wondering, “When are the 2021 Sprinters being released?” We’re happy to report that time is right around the corner. Whether you’re waiting for the new Mercedes-Benz 4×4 Sprinter or the Gas-Powered Sprinter, you can reserve your van now by requesting to be put on our waitlist. Start planning for your summer adVANtures!

2021 Gas-Powered Sprinter (4 cyl) – Arriving early March – April 2021

2021 Diesel-Powered Sprinter (4 cyl) – Arriving Mid March –  April 2021

2021 Diesel-Powered Sprinter (6 cyl) *includes 4x4s –  Arriving June 2021


Get in touch with our Sprinter Van Expert, Eric Voss, to order or reserve your van today!

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Sprinter Manager

Van Conversions

With an upfitted van, the possibilities are endless. From an HVAC super van to a custom bike trip shuttle. See how you can become inspired for your own outfitting with any Sprinter and Metris by checking out how Oregon Motorcoach Center in Eugene, OR is converting vans into RV’s.

BYOV – Build Your Own Van

Whether you’re exploring options or you’ve made the decision to build your ideal van, this is where you’ll begin your journey. When you build your van, you can select your preferred van, colors, packages, options, and accessories. There is no better way to get exactly what you’re looking for when you choose to build your own van through Mercedes-Benz.

Gas-Powered or Diesel? 

Mercedes-Benz Vans are the total package. The only question is, which van is right for you? Now, Mercedes-Benz gives you the option to choose between a gas-powered or diesel engine.

Depending on the plans you have for your van, whether it’s taking long-distance road trips or making local stops, we’ve put together a list of important details highlighting the two.

The Metris Camper Van

If you’re like the many adventurers interested in the Weekender, chances are you have questions. Check out our Sprinter blog with Metris Weekender FAQs. The Metris Weekender sets a new benchmark for campers. With plenty of room for the family, extra space for everything life demands, and enough functionality for any situation, you’ll be ready for any adventure.

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