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Mercedes-Benz New Vehicle Specials

Whether you are a current Mercedes-Benz owner or a future owner, Mercedes-Benz of Eugene is here to offer you exceptional lease and financing specials to make your dream Mercedes-Benz more accessible than ever. If you have been exploring our selection of new or pre-owned SUV, sedan, or AMG® models, now is your opportunity to get an unbeatable offer.

Leasing & Financing Specials

Which is the best option for you?

Leasing is a cost-effective, flexible way to drive a new Mercedes-Benz every few years. Select your preferred mileage and term options according to your driving profile, and we’ll work to get you a desirable monthly payment. Once your lease ends, you’ll have the option to return your vehicle, buy it, or possibly extend your lease. Visit our First Class Lease FAQs for more information about leasing.
When you take advantage of our special financing offers, you’ll have the option to customize your financing arrangement according to your preferences with financing terms lasting from 24 to 72-months. When you apply for financing with us, your loan will be reviewed by our multiple lender contacts to secure you a competitive term and rate. When you choose to finance your Mercedes-Benz, you have the freedom to keep your vehicle as long as you want, make any modifications, and drive without mile restrictions.

Customize your Monthly Payment Online

Do you already have an idea of what you would like to spend? Fortunately, you have access to creating custom offers using our Online Shopping tool. Once you’ve selected your vehicle/s of interest, click “Show Payment Options” to design your deal. You will be in full control to choose your payment type, term length, down payment, and trade-in information. Rest assured, if you need guidance we’ll be here to walk you through it, all you have to do is give us a call.

Delivering World-Class Customer Experience

Like most of our completely satisfied customers, you’ve come to expect more in a luxury purchase, especially today. At Mercedes-Benz of Eugene, we make it our priority to understand your specific needs, and you can expect us to address everything related to your purchase or lease, as well as beyond. Discover your special offer today by taking advantage of our new vehicle leasing and financing specials.

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