Mercedes-AMG® vs AMG® Line Options

March 1st, 2021 by

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Chances are you’re shopping for your next vehicle and you’ve come across a Mercedes-AMG model or a Mercedes-Benz model equipped with an AMG®-Line option.  Like most, you’re wondering what is “AMG®” and what’s the difference between an AMG® model and an AMG®-Line option?

In short, Mercedes-AMG® models are high-performance vehicles that contain a powerful handcrafted Mercedes-AMG® engine underneath the hood. AMG®-Line packages or options you’ll find listed on a vehicle’s build sheet refer to the exterior/interior enhancements that mirror the bold, distinct AMG® styling. These elements can include AMG® wheels, signature Diamond Grille, chrome accents, and more. Below, we’ll explore the details of each topic further and touch on the history of AMG®.

About Mercedes-AMG® Models

When you get behind the wheel of an AMG® Model and hear the engine for the first time, the feeling of pure exhilaration instinctively lies moments ahead. AMG® vehicles were made with the racetrack in mind and the passion for driving performance. Perhaps you’ve heard the famous phrase, “One Man – One Engine.” As stated above, each AMG® model is gifted with a handcrafted AMG® engine that’s assembled by a single engineer.

So, how robust and daring are these AMG® engines?

  • Handcrafted 4.0-liter V8 Biturbo (M177) *found in the Mercedes-AMG® GT 63 S, E 63 Wagon, & E 63 S Sedan

           630 hp  | 664 lb/ft torque

  • Handcrafted 4.0-liter V8 Biturbo (M178) *found in the Mercedes-AMG® GT, GT C, & GT  R

           577 hp  | 516 lb/ft torque

  • Handcrafted 6.0-liter V12 Biturbo (M279) *found in the S 65 Sedan

           621 hp  | 738 lb/ft torque

About AMG®-Line Options

AMG®-Line interior and exterior styling give a Mercedes-Benz model the sportier appearance of a Mercedes-AMG®. AMG®-Line options include:


  • AMG® twin or multispoke wheels
  • Chrome diamond-block drill & chrome accents throughout
  • A resculpted front air dam, large front air intakes & flared side sills
  • Twin  chrome tailpipes


  • AMG® floor mats
  • Sport seats
  • Brushed stainless steel pedals
  • Sport steering wheel with aluminum shift paddles

History of Mercedes-AMG®

Two men – one mission.

A –  Aufrecht

M – Melcher

G – Großaspach

Hans Werner Aufrecht & Erhard Melcher are the two engineers that founded AMG® in 1967. The ‘A’ and the ‘M’ in ‘AMG®’ stand for their last names, while the ‘G,’ Großaspach, refers to the village where Aufrecht grew up and the place where the two engineers would work on the first AMG® engine.

After years of growth and more Mercedes-Benz models adopting the AMG® performance technology, the Mercedes-AMG® team moved their workshop to Affalterbach, Germany in 1976. The AMG® factory headquarters remain in Affalterbach to this day. So, when you see the Affalterbach-AMG® symbol embossed on the headrests of select Mercedes-AMG® models, you’ll know the special meaning behind it.


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