Why Get an E-Bike: Top 5 Reasons

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Whether you’re looking to make the daily commute a little lighter or you’re ready to hit the best trails around Oregon, you may be wondering “Why get an e-bike” or “Do electric bikes help uphill?” As the only dealership in the Oregon area to sell the Mercedes-Benz electric bike, our team at Mercedes-Benz of Eugene has the top reasons why adding an electric bike to your experience on the roads and trails of Springfield is worth it. 

1. They Have an Impressive Range 

Whether you’re heading into the office or looking to take a long ride, you don’t have to worry about factoring in stops to a recharging station. Most e-bikes have a range of 40-80 miles depending on the bike and terrain it is driven on. Also, they have the added versatility that can extend your range. From only using electric power when taking on tough hills to simply switching old-fashioned leg power as needed, the range is essentially limitless! 

2. They’re Environmentally Friendly 

If you’re wondering “Why get an e-bike?” consider the environmental benefits that can accompany your daily commute or adventure. Since an e-bike uses electricity– a renewable resource– and creates zero emissions, you don’t have to worry about adding to the smog with a traditional internal combustion engine.

3. They Can Save You Money 

On top of the environmental benefits during your commute, an e-bike can also protect your wallet during your commute. Electric power means a small amount is added to your electricity bill instead of thousands of dollars spent on refueling. You can even end up saving on parking fees and insurance, too!

4. They Help Take on All Terrains

“Do electric bikes help uphill?” We love taking in the sights of rolling hills around Oregon and e-bikes help tackle the tougher terrains. Most models have modes to assist with pedaling or you can adjust the bike’s motor to give you a boost uphill. 

5. They Help Keep You Fit 

Even though the electric motor is there to help you, the ease of an e-bike tends to allow riders to extend their trips and pedal more. That means you’re seeing heart, lung, and blood pressure benefits similar to other physical activities. If you’re wondering whether electric bikes help uphill, e-bikes let you take on the trails even if you have difficulties riding traditional bikes because of limited mobility, age, or other illness. 

Start Your Adventure with a Mercedes-Benz Electric Bike!

Whether you’re conquering tough hills or breezing down declines, find joy on the trails all around the Pacific Northwest in a Mercedes-Benz electric bike. The expert design seen across the Mercedes-Benz lineup seamlessly translates to the engineering behind the Mercedes-Benz electric bike. Explore how you can add agile handling and impressive speed to your adventures around Corvallis and contact us at Mercedes-Benz of Eugene today!

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