What is Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE®?

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

An advanced pre-collision system, the Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE® pre-collision system takes steps to protect vehicle occupants in the event a potential accident is detected. This is just one of the many technologies that Mercedes-Benz uses to provide peace of mind when you’re on the road in Corvallis and Roseburg. See how this feature works below with Mercedes-Benz of Eugene!

How Does PRESAFE® Detect Accidents?

The PRESAFE® Mercedes-Benz system includes a network of sensors that work together to detect potential collisions. This intelligent pre-collision system then takes action the moment a potential collision is detected and activates numerous features for your protection. 

PRESAFE® Mercedes-Benz Actions

So, what actions does PRESAFE® take in your Mercedes-Benz? Once the system senses a possible collision, PRESAFE®: 

  • Repositions the front head restraints to allow for maximum crash protection and help minimize injuries. 
  • Closes the windows and sunroof to prevent objects from entering the cabin if a rollover is possible. 
  • Seatbelt tensioners increase tension.

What is PRESAFE® Sound? 

In addition to the Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE® system, some Mercedes-Benz models come equipped with PRESAFE® Sound. This feature helps protect your inner ear from damage that can occur due to the loud noises that accompany a crash. To do this, the PRESAFE® Sound emits a “pink noise” when a noise around 80 decibels is reached. This noise then triggers the stapedius reflex. This weakens the connection between the inner ear and eardrum for a short time by contracting the stapedius muscle. 

What is PRESAFE® Impulse Side?

Another addition to the PRESAFE® technology is PRESAFE® Impulse Side. By nature, side collisions offer less of a built-in crumple zone for protection. PRESAFE® Impulse Side was designed with this in mind, and helps move occupants away from the acute danger zone if a side impact is detected. 

What Does “PRESAFE® Functions Limited” Mean?

Your vehicle may require service if you see “PRESAFE® Functions Limited” displayed. This warning can be found behind the steering wheel on the vehicle’s information panel and most often means a sensor needs to be adjusted or cleaned. The service center at Mercedes-Benz of Eugene is trained in all Mercedes-Benz systems and can quickly take care of the task at hand. 

Discover More Mercedes-Benz Safety Features Today

The Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE® system is only one of the many thoughtful Mercedes-Benz safety features available. Connect with the Mercedes-Benz of Eugene team to learn more about the features found in our new Mercedes-Benz vehicles today!

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