FOOD For Lane County Thanks Our Team

February 8th, 2021 by

community involvement


Mercedes-Benz of Eugene takes great pride in being an active member of our community and is committed to giving back to the people that give us so much! Thanksgiving 2020, our team donated 14 gift cards for $25 each to FOOD for Lane County.

FOOD for Lane County is a nonprofit food bank that has worked to sustain a wholesome community by reducing hunger. Since 1984, they’ve served a diverse population living on limited incomes including families, children, adults, and seniors.

We would like to thank FOOD for Lane County for their valued efforts, and for their thoughtful letter to our team:

Mercedes-Benz of Eugene:

“Thank you for your generous support to FOOD for Lane County.

Our records show your gifts-in-kind for 2020 consisted of 14 gift cards for $25 each.

We’re now several weeks into the new year with Lane County still the COVID “extreme case” category, but also with the vaccine-inspired hope of eventually turning the page on the worst effects of the pandemic.

Food insecurity and the struggle to make ends meet are also part of the new year for far too many Lane County residents. That’s why our support for food programs and services offered by FFLC and our partner agencies is so valuable and appreciated.

Food makes a difference and your support for the FOOD for Lane County is making a positive difference in our community right now.

Thank you for your thoughtful generosity.”


– FOOD for Lane County


Learn more about FOOD for Lane County & donate today!